Monday, July 7, 2008

What's your Look

What's the look, do you have a certain look, certain posture, saying what is it that makes you a flirt. The look for me is comfort but still wanting to look good. I work out on the treadmill and try to watch what I eat, except on cheat nights with hubby when we have treats from Chinese or Donair usually. I have been keeping my hair short lately which is what hubby likes but have been debating on letting it grow out longer, mostly to save money I think as the short look requires a monthly check up while longer I can pust it a little longer. Of course a girl has to have her hair styling products I recently tried some new products, Extreme Style by VO5. Are you looking to practice up on your flirting skills try out the new game from VO5 the Ultimate Flirting Championship where you will be set up as either a judge or contestant and compete for prizes. You can join in on the fun and invite your friends. Maybe your flirting skill need a little brushing up this can give you the help you need. How well will you do, you'll have to try for yourself, can you win the Victory Hair prize at the end.

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