Friday, July 11, 2008

What's your line

A night out usually starts with the preperation, for me a fresh shower and shave the furry legs is a good start. Or course a girl has to work on her hair with the help of some great products from Extreme Style by VO5 With any luck the planets will align and hubby and I will achieve some Victory Hair by the end of the night. You know the look you have after a good night and your hair is completly wild, yeah that look. I remember in my single days all the lame pick up lines guys would try to use to impress me and my friends while we were out dancing at the clubs, little did they know the only interest I had was to go out dancing with my friends and wasn't looking for anything else. You know the feeling the guy comes up and spouts off some lame obvious slime line" like where have you been all my life", please. I prefer the more direct line and getting to know me without the slimey stuff. If you need help on your flirting skills checkout the Ultimate Flirting Championship where you will get pitted against others and compete with your best flirt.

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