Friday, July 11, 2008


So the puppy has been with us now for 2 weeks and she is getting BIG! I am starting to over having second thoughts about getting her but to be honest here I still don't think she likes me?! lol No seriously she still growls at me all the time or at least when I pick her up and the biting, OMG her teeth are sharp. She snapped at me the other day and got my lip, boy did that ever hurt! Everyday is getting better and the kids love her to death and if Blake sees the puppy give me a kiss (rarely) he always says " see mommy, she loves you now! " He is so worried that I am going to give her back to Grandpa. Oh and the thought has crossed my mind. As long as I have treats for her we get along just fine.
The kids had a blast with her in the pool the other day and since today is going to be another hot day when hubby gets home at supper time I think we will take the kids to the beach and let Breigh go for a swim there. I will have to remember to take the camera along.

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