Friday, July 11, 2008

Manage our debt

It seems with the cost of everything raising quickly and our income levels not keeping pace it is becoming more difficult to manage our debt on a daily basis. In the past we have gone through Debt consolidation but as we move around frequently it seems like we always turn back to credit to get what we need in our new home. One of the biggest issues we have is our Credit card debt. It is tough because the credit card companies can charge basically any thing they want of interest and in many cases if you only make the minimum payments you will never make any progress with the debt you are only paying the interest. It is important if you are struggling with debt that you turn to the experts that can give you the Debt help you need to guide yourself out of your financial issues. In many cases you can't work it all out for yourself and to get real Debt relief
you have to get a specific budget plan and find a way to stick to it and make it work. I took the quiz at Bills IQ to learn how financially smart I was and was surprised by some of the advise I recieved. We are working on a financil plan to help our debt consolidation, and have a plan for next year when our lease expires on our van. We are working on a plan with Credit counseling and hope to get back on track with their help.


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debt consolidation said...

If you have decided that you want to consolidate your debts, the choices you will face could quickly get stressful and overwhelming. Given the risks of losing your home and amassing debt, it's wise to proceed with caution.