Friday, July 11, 2008


Yep Murray Beach is where we will be going camping again this summer! This is the one place my dad loves to go for some reason, ok I guess that's because of the beach, he hates pools. Anyway even though we would rather be in a pool we still have the time of our lives and lots of great memories of the 2 weeks. This will be our 3rd year camping there but might go somewhere different next year. See what happens then.
This campground is great with lots of open field for the the kids to run and play, the beach is great with lots of sand for sandcastles to keep us busy. Now most campgrounds he have to pay to get a hot shower but not Murray beach, the showers are FREE and the water is HOT! I think we will take the kids bikes this year because they don't have anywhere safe to drive them here so they are still sitting in the basement and this will give them a chance to drive their bikes and give them something else to do when I go WALKING! Since we don't have a treadmill my mom is making exercise plans to take its place. I think I turned my mom into an exercise machine LOL. So walking it will be, everyday...even in the rain!
The countdown has begun....2 weeks from today we will be heading to the campground!

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