Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My New Puppy

The kids recently recieved a tremendous gift from their Grandpa for grading day at school. They have been asking about getting a dog for a couple of years and we have been putting it off because we were debating on whether we could handle the responsibility of taking care of her. Grandpa helped us out because his Beagle had a litter of puppies and he was willing to give us one on the condition if it became too hard for us than we would send her back to him. She is a wonderful pup for the most part anyway and is doing well with us. She is a ball of energy and is training pretty well in our opinion. Of course having a new puppy is almost like having a new baby and we had to go and get all kinds of Pet Accessories to make her feel at home. Breigh is all girl and as such she needed to have a personalized collar and pink is her favorite color, well ok, my favorite color for her. At Cool Pet Boutique you can design your pets collar. They also have contests where you can upload pictures of your pet being your pet and possibly win gift certificates.

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