Saturday, October 4, 2008

What a baby

Well last night around midnight when I was just getting into a good sleep out of now where there was a huge crash, boom sound followed by a downpour of rain. A huge thunder storm had rolled in and was dumping on us bigtime. This of course woke up the puppy from her sleep and she wasn't happy. She was whining terribly so we had to bring her into bed with us before she woke up the kids. She wasn't long cuddleing up by our feet knowing if she didn't behave she was going back to the kennel. It really is just like having a baby in the house. We made it through the night and it actually worked out better because once she went out for her "P" at midnight and got soaked she wasn't going out again and slept through the night which meant Hubby got to sleep through the night too. :O)

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Mattyboy said...

I'm enjoying the extra sleep at night, at this rate it might take me a year to catch up on all the lost but at least it's a start.