Friday, October 17, 2008

Home Makeover

When we relocated for my husbands work last summer there was so much excitement, a new job, new school for the kids, a new community and the biggest thing was a huge house we bought. It was probably 3 times the size of our old house, now the big problem we faced was how do you fill this big house up? Our furniture came into the house and it still looked empty so we new we were in trouble.
We are a young family so we wanted to make our living room fit our style so we wanted to fill it up with Modern Furniture that would work for us and still be functional for the kids. We had so many choices to choose from it took us a while to come to an agreement on how to set up the room. We also looked at some Contemporary Furniture styles for our dining and rec rooms. Now the rec room was a bit of a stretch because we couldn't decide what kind of direction to go and we even looked at some Italian Furniture designs but in the end we decided to go with the more modern styles.
After we got all our rooms finished we finally moved onto the biggest project, we really wanted to take the time to make it right. Our bedroom had been neglected for years and our bedroom set really needed to be replaced so we moved onto the hunt for Bedroom Furniture. This was a bit easier because we at least new we wanted to go with a dark wood and a modern look so we were able to come to an agreement on this room much easier and have plans to have it all finished in the next couple of months.

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Jolly said...

I too remodel my home with modern style furniture!!