Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Time for a New Look

My husband has been wanting to get a new suit for work for quite a while, he hasn't bought a new suit for a few years and it is time for him to update his style. Now it's also time for him to step up and get a more professional suit, in the past he has always bought his suits right off the rack and although they looked nice they never fit perfect in every way. I began searching for Made to Measure suits to find something for him that would fit properly. There business is built on getting you custom made suits in as little as two weeks. The team of specialists will work with you to design the suit the best meets your body style and budget with suits starting at 499. We shopped through the site and for him we are looking for a single pleat plant with a 3 button jacket, of course for him in a dark(black) pin stripe fabric to suit his style. While browsing throught their website we were able to actually book an appointment to have a fitting completed. It will be exciting to see what a really well made suit will look like on my husband.

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