Thursday, October 23, 2008

Learning to Read

Having a big family can be challangeing and rewarding, I find with each child comes a earlier desire to learn. My youngest being the earliest he spends his days wanting to learn everything his older siblings know. He was the earliest to learn colors, numbers, letters and has a better ability to understand letter sounds than any of our other kids. He's at the stage now that he wants to put everything together and begin to read. I was excited about this and wanted to find a fun way to help him learn to read better, searching I found a program called Little Reader which allows you to create on your own home computer using your own pictures and content, flash cards to help you teach your little ones to read. It's very exciting for him to be able to use this to learn while also recognizing things around him in his everyday life. It's exciting to watch his potential develop and grow and his love for reading become so entrenched into his daily life.

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