Friday, October 3, 2008

Saving Big on Accessories

I love accessories and the more I can get for my budget the better, I just started a new job and it's the first job I have had outside the house (4kids) in almost 4 years. With this situation I had to trade in my comfy pants and get a working wardrobe again. It was exciting to think of being around big people on a daily basis, ah the possibility of not singing the theme to elmo in my head during the afternoon. When I started getting my outfits together I really needed some new accessories to go with them. Searching for Discount Jewelry was kind of fun and the great styles I was able to find were incredible. I was even able to shop from home at sites like holsted jewelers they had an incredible selection of pieces and sets at fantastic prices. Reserching their background they have been in the jewelry business for almost 30 years and pride themselves on incredible quality at fantastic prices and offering unique products that you won't find in any store.

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