Saturday, October 4, 2008

Shopping Online

With the explosion of online shopping how do you know where it's safe to shop and where it's not. You give up so much information about yourself by shopping on-line that the exposure to identity theft is huge. How are we to know what sites are reputable and what ones are using our information for things other than our purchase. There is now a site created to do just that they do the reserch and compile lists of safe sites to shop from, buySAFE will offer safe shopping ratings, a list of bonded merchants you can shop through their portal, purchase guarantee up to 25,000 on your purchases and 30 day indentity theft protection. For me I normally only purchase from sites I know are reputable business, like Staples, HBC, Sears etc that way I have confidence in their systems because I have shopped with them for years. The last things I bought were a tent from Sears and a Camera from Staples, I never have had any significant issues purchasing things online but again I tend to avoid companies that I don't know, using the buySAFE program will allow me to expand my shopping experience to a whole new level. If your an online shopper you really need this sort of protection to safe guard yourself from Identity Theft which can cost you so much. Checkout the site for more information on their services and sign up today for more protection when shopping online.




Anonymous said...

I find piece of mind of knowing that my family and I are protected. I came across SOLUS when doing extensive research on all of the identity theft protection companies. My family and I chose SOLUS for a few different reasons. What stands out most about them is the fact that they actually do everything on your behalf in the event you do become a victim of identity theft. Most companies I checked out merely assisted you, SOLUS does everything on your behalf. They too have the $25K expense reimbursement coverage, 24/7 credit monitoring, and they also offer legal and emotional care services, at no additional charge. You can check it out for yourself at I have learned a ton just from their website!

Susan said...

Online shopping might have a lot of risk too, which is one of course identity thief. This tool is very effective to avoid all the online shopping scams.