Thursday, April 9, 2009

The tooth fiasco

The other day my young guy, Kohl came with an issue, he had a wiggly tooth that was bothering him. We had been waiting for this one to fall out for a while. The new tooth decided to grow up behind it so it wasn't really loosening up the old one. I left this with Hubby to deal with, he can be the expert in grouse stuff. My daughter and I went out to dance class and the boys went at it. It wasn't too long and I got the call that the tooth was out. Kohl was excited that he helped pull it out by pulling on dad's arm while he pulled. He said he was laughing and crying at the same time and he was very proud of himself. The tooth fairy arrived and left him $2 under his pillow which he snuck off to school with and bought some treats for recess.

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