Friday, April 10, 2009

Living well with RA

Being diagnosed with Rhematoid Arthritis can certainly be a very scary experience, you find yourself with all sorts of questions. How will this effect me, what are the long term reprecussions of this diseasce etc. The best tool on combating and making a plan to make the most of this is through gathering as much knowledge as you can on the subject. Rheumatoid Arthritis basically is a disease that causes chronic inflamation of the joints and can certainly be very debilitating. When the disease is active it can cause me to be very tired and fatigued. Another symptom I suffer from is a lack of appetite at times (consider a good thing on the weight loss end), but it is usually accompanied with stiffness and significant joint pain. When suffering through this it can be very taxing emotionally as it basically takes the wind out of your sail and makes you feel very much trapped in a broken body. There is a lot of literature around these days, focusing on trying to live well with RA and tips on how to make the most of your treatment and your life while battling RA. The most common treatment I know of for RA is the drug called Celebrex, it has some benefits as it can be taken with low dose aspirin to help in the anti-inflamatory where other treatments can not. Celebrex can be dosed in different amounts depending on the severity and is determined by your doctor. For me when I am hearing or watching for different advertising I like to hear the positive that can be had out of treatments. I also appreciate seeing the advertisements being as informative as possible giving the side effects etc. Now if it was me that was creating an advertisement for living well with RA, my commercial would be about just that people with RA living their life as normal as possible everyday.

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