Thursday, April 9, 2009

Home Depot Sucks

We have been trying to get a new front door on our house for almost a month. We went to our local Home Depot becuase we had a gift card to use and asked about the door and how we could get it installed by them. This was our first mistake they gave us a phone number and told us we had to make all the arrangements ourselves. We made the call and the guy came out to the house to give us the estimate to have the install done. When it came back a week later they said they couldn't make the arrangements and we would have to go back to the store to discuss it with them. We went back to the store, it's a half hour away by the way and they said they entered it wrong and would have to re-enter our information. Another week went by and we get a call and than an email from the installer, guess what the quote was, keep in mind the door is only $3oo, you'll never believe this one, $1600 to simply come to the house, remove the door and insert the new one. A job that would take a few hours is going to cost $1300. This forced another trip back into the Depot where we ended up talking to another rep. He couldn't believe the quote either and was sending it off to be reviewed. Here we go again, after waiting for 3 weeks, we are waiting again, I guess if we wait long enough we should be able to get it installed by Next Winter.


jenn said...

My husband works at Home Depot! lol!

That is messed up, though.

Anonymous said...

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