Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Today Kohl primary class went to the fire station for one of their end of the school year field trips. I couldn't get over how well organized things were at the station and they put on a great station with all kinds of information. The kids had lots of questions and were quite fascinated when the fireman started putting on his gear. The point to this was so that the kids would not be afraid if they were in a situation that they needed help from a fireman. They were all given high fives then it was time to check out the firetrucks which was a great hit. I took Blake along with the class today and he fit in with the rest of the class. I was so proud at how well he listened and he had a great time. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera :0( When it was time to leave the kids were all giving a back with their very own fireman hat, chips, juice box, tattoos, stickers, crayons, coloring books and lots of other goodies. What a great day it was! Next week they are going to the wildlife park and since Blake was so well behaved I think I will take him along with Kohl's class once again.

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