Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Mr. Clean

In my home it can get pretty hectic, or better to say it is almost like a circus at times. With 4 young children in the house they can tornado through the house like a pack of elephants leaving a path of destruction, cookie crumbs and dirty laundry in their wake. Now when it comes to cleaning I'm very lucky because when my husband is home from work he does his share of the housework. One of my biggest dis-likes in cleaning is to vacuum up the floor, it's like a never ending job, as soon as it's done the kiddies rampage through and make a mess again. Hubby doesn't mind one bit and as you can see in this picture he has a pretty unique vacuum pose, he goes with his Dirt Devil all the time and gets things cleaned up, now he says he'll vacuum this way to keep from running over the cord of the vacuum but I think deep down he wants to be a fashion model and is striking the pose, LOL. Our poor dirt devil is almost ready to retire so we are looking for a new one and recently dirt devil has launched a new line of vacuums the ACCU CHARGE which are actually the first cordless vacuum to be accredited with the Energy Star approval. I guess hubby won't have an excuse for his posing anymore now will he with a new cordless vacuum.


Sponsored by Dirt Devil AccuCharge

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