Thursday, April 3, 2008


Since we moved here to this house I tell you I have not been able to keep things organized so therefore things are always just thrown down anywhere. I have been trying to find homes in this house for most of it and slowly I am getting there. One of my problems is the extra papers, documents and bills laying around, now we do have a filing cabinet but it is in a really bad and inconvenient location so things usually get tossed here and there. A good majority of the papers should be shredded and disposed of but it has yet to be done, I guess the reason for this is I haven't broke down to purchase a shredder. Maybe I should just look into using a paper shredding service to clean out some paperwork that we no longer need. offers PaperShreddingFinder.cominformation of such services on an ongoing service or a one time clean out. This sounds like it could be one solution to our many unorganized problems!

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Tammy said...

I refer to my house as organized chaos. LOL