Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Page Rank

If your a blogger out there that has been working so hard to create interesting content and exciting blogs only to have the Google spank come and take your precious page rank away. It can be difficult to understand what or why you are being targeted by these ranking systems. You find yourself wondering where you went wrong and what if anything you can do to fix it. You have probably spent countless hours editing content and working on building relationships to increase traffic. It can be a daunting task to keep your content fresh and keeping your viewers interested and coming back for more everyday. There are many different opinions out there about why page rank gets effected so harshly and what you can do to make it grow, a lot of people will say it's just easier to walk away from a blog and start a new one once you have been "spanked" but it is frustrating when you have worked so hard to build your blog. Recently there a been a lunch of a new alternative with the launch of Izea Ranks or Real Rank you will be assesed based on the actual traffic that comes to your blog and the impact your blog has in the blogesphere. You will have a clear image of how you are going to be tracked and what you have to do to build your rank up, you just have to increase your readership and watch your rank grow. All the extra networking effort you put in can really make a differance to real rank, so get working and you will see the rewards that you so rightly deserve.
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Tammy said...

Hi Carrie,

Just stopping by to see what's new.

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