Monday, October 22, 2007


Oh where does the time go? On November 1st my baby will turn 3 years old. With the other 3 kids in school it has given me some time to spend with Blake one on one and he is really enjoy his time with mommy. This picture was taken on one of our outings to Walmart. We stopped into the portrait studio to get his birthday pictures taken. Some of our other days we go for walks, play at the playground and sneak in a little lunch at McDonalds. It is so hard to believe that before I know it he will be heading off to school and with the changes in the age cut off for our province, he will be going to school a year earlier than he would have.
I thank God for everyday I have with my children. They are a great blessing and I am proud to be their Mommy and to have them as my children. God Bless my family :0)

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Mattyboy said...

I especially love the Lunch days.LOL. He's sure has fun during his time with you, it's great to have him come for his visits. Hopefully winter will go by quickly so he can start up his visits again.