Thursday, October 11, 2007


Drums, yes this is the new thing here at our house. The kids have been asking for drums for quite some time but no way was I about to spend money for more noise in the house. I mean really don't the kids make enough of it already?LOL To be honest it's not all that bad and I really haven't needed any Tylenol yet and the kids are having a blast beating away at them and with the sound of the drums I know where the kids can be found. So where did the drums come from...My husband brought them home on Saturday after taking two loads of junk to the dump! He not usually a garbage picker but he knew how much the kids wanted a set and hey the price was right and they were in pretty good shape. The two younger boys just take turns banging them and thinking they are making music and Jay our 11 year old has turned his sisters dance floor (work in progress) into his comedy hour stage. What a character he is... I was able to get a few video clips of him on the weekend and I'm sure he will appreciate them when he gets older. But I guess like they say" some people's junk is someone else's treasure"!


Tammy said...

That's a great find! There has been many of time when I drove by someone's house and saw something they put out for garbage that I wanted, but I've never had the nerve to stop and grab it. hmmm...maybe next time I will.

Anonymous said...


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