Sunday, November 23, 2008

Life after the kids go to school

I've always considered going back to school but with kids small we made the choice that I would stay home and be available for them when they needed me to be. They are starting to get older and next year my baby will be starting school :0( and although I am sad to see it happen it is time for me to start preparing myself for the next stage. I am considering going to a Beauty School so I can have a career as a hair dresser. I really enjoy cutting and styling everyone in the families hair and think it would be fun to be able to do it everyday. Now the thought of going to Beauty School is a little bit intimidating since I have been out of school for almost 13 years but once I started looking into the information I feel better about the decision to go back and get started on my career.

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Angel... said...

Wow.. thats cool well I am having my first kid in Jan..