Saturday, February 28, 2009

My darling puppy

With a day from heck, of course it had to continue on the home front too. It was a very hectic day with Dance in the morning for the boys, I had to get Trin's new glasses ordered in between classes and than after lunch at 1 Trin had to go to the mall to sell calendars as a fund raiser while by oldest had to be a basketball tournament. Hubby got off work early to help out with the calendars and get over to the last bball game. He got home and found chewed up pencils and a mop bucket overturned on the floor which the dog pulled the dirty water all over the place, what a mess for him to deal with after a long day. Anyway I now have to work late (till 1am ZZZZZZ) so I'm sure I'll be super exhausted when I get home, Sorry Hubby!

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