Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kitchen Dilema

We were out to the cabinet maker workshop today trying to decide what to do with our kitchen. We are in such a debate, I really what to change the color our our kitchen cabinets and definetly the doors which are very ugly and have the hinges on the outside. I want to go with a lighter color stain and change over to the inside cabinet hinges. The folks at the cabinet maker thought it might be better to paint the existing cabintes and get new manufactured doors to replace the old. I'm not sure if it would be too much white to have everything painted white with white appliances, but it would be considerably cheaper to do it this way for sure. Hubby will take on building me a couple of new cabinets at this point, I know he really loves doing these projects for me. Normally he does a good job and he knows I really do appreciate the effort he is putting into it. I'm sure whatever we decide to do it will turn out in the end and look great.

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