Monday, August 22, 2011

Drug Company Policy

I get so frustrated when I hear about recalls for drugs because of unforseen side effects that they cause. The process to get a drug on the market is supposed to be so through that you would expect that the testing phase would work out all the details to ensure the drug is safe for human consumption on a mass level. One of the most common diseases now is diabetes and a common drug used for type 2 suffers is called Actos. It has now been linked to heart attacks and heart failures. This new information has led to the formation of Actos lawsuit. You can contact the experts to see if your case would qualify for the lawsuit and to help you answer any of your questions regarding Actos.

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Actos Injury Attorneys said...

Actos can be indeed a bad medication that could lead to bladder cancer... i feel sorry for the people who suffer from this and wish them well!