Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Car Maintance Made Simple

It can be so frustrating having older vehicles, you never know when they will let you down and cost you money for repairs. It usually tends to be at the most inappropriate time. Just last week we found our selves in need of repairs on both our vehicles, my husband was away and had a problem with his starter now where do you find a good auto repair shop that you can trust when you are not familiar with the area? When he got home we found out that our Pontiac Montana was in need of some general maintenance, now mind you it wasn't anything dramatic but it was again a cost we didn't have budgeted when the naintance was due and we had to take it into the shop to get the work done. As usual they were fantastic and looked after us quickly. While doing the routine check over they found that we were also in need of a brake job which I figured was coming as there was a pulsation we noticed recently. It's like you never know if you are being treated fairly by your garage or not. If you are like me you don't know how much a repair should cost you.
The next time you have a service light or question about a repair try out the great site RepairPal.com to get an estimate as to what your repair should cost you to be sure you get a fair deal when you go in for your repairs. They have a really simple site that allows you to search your vehicles year and make to find out various information including any recalls. You can be sure you are paying a fair price for repairs when you use RepairPal.com


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jimi said...

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