Friday, April 29, 2011

Renovations ahead

We are in the process of moving and this always bring us many challanges and fun times as we close the door on one home and open the door to another. We are trying to keep our costs down this time and we are so busy so we are doing a lot of shopping online to save time and increase our selection of choices from just the local stores. We have decided to reuse most of the furniture in our home but with a few new accessories to change it up for it's new home. One thing we love is our dining room table that seats 8 and is very beautiful. We decided to shop for new dining chair cushion to match our new dining room color. We were excited about all the designs and colors that were available.
Next we were off to the shop for the kitchen dinette table that we have for quick meals or when we entertain extra guests. kitchen chair pads it didn't take long for us to find exactly what we wanted and with a few clicks we had our new kitchen cushions being sent to us in time for move in day.

Our next challange is on the outside of our home we have a large patio but it is covered with a roof making it dark at times. We were able to shop for a plug in chandelier to ad to the roof and really brighten up the entire area. It's a fantastic addition to our deck and really adds beauty to the ceiling area. We will definetely be enjoying some time out in that area this summer.

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