Monday, October 18, 2010

Trick or Treat

One of the exciting parts about being a parent sometimes is being able to re-live your childhood through the excitement of your children. For us Halloween was always pretty creative as my Mom would have a big box of assorted parts and pieces of costumes that we got to sort through and try to piece a costume together. This year the kids have a couple of requests, my oldest son isn't quite sure what he's up to, but our daughter will be a witch, Kohl is going to be a pirate or a "cat in the hat", that one seems to be harder to find but we did find one online at, they have every costume you could imagine, and our baby wants to be one thing and one thing only an Optimus Prime (Transformer). We have been doing a lot of searching online at the great Halloween Costume Stores that specialize in costumes for all occasions. Hubby usually has a costume day at work and I will be going back to work next week so we will see if I need a costume for this year. Halloween being on Friday night this year we will hopefully get to start our trick or treating early and get in before it gets too dark as there will probably be a bit more mischief going on around the neighborhood this year. The kids are all bigger this year so I am sure everyone will have a great time treating in their new costumes.

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jenn said...

i love the blow up!