Monday, July 20, 2009

The countdown is on

It is less than 2 weeks before my getaway to NY with my daughter. We have been planning this trip with her Dance Troupe since last September and while it once seemed so far away it is now coming up quickly. We have everything organized and ready to go except packing some clothes. We had a girl shopping trip the other day and had some funny events, the afternoon was her time and the evening was my shopping time. While I had a room full of clothes in the changing room I got kicked out of the store as it was closing. OOOPs, luckily they were nice enough to hold them for me till the next day. We than went to another store that was open later and while I was in the changing room trying on Bra's the power went out in the store and we had to leave again with no shopping done. I managed to get everything the next day so all was well.

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